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The audition to start with Ballet Junior de Genève in September 2023 is aimed at young dancers between 17 and 22 years old and will have three stages.

Stage 1 – application and the video selection

Applications will be open between 30 January and 5 March 2023 (midnight).
List of documents to send online:
– the application form,
– an ID photo, 
– ONE dance photo,
– a video presentation in which you say your name, state your dance experience and your reasons for joining the Ballet Junior de Genève course.
– a video link of you in a solo (2 to 4 minutes) which should be filmed in a studio without editing. You should be in dancewear. The solo needs to include moments of traveling, of rotating and of jumping. Part of the solo must be standing. We recommend changes of rythm and movement quality. The solo can be improvised or from a choreography. Do not send a classical ballet variation.

Use YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video. Only add ONE link. with both the presentation and solo.
Only complete application procedures will be taken into account.
Selected candidates for the second stage (audition in Geneva) will be contacted by email during the week of 27 March.

Stage 2 – the audition in Geneva

For the selected candidates after stage 1, the audition will take place on
29 and 30 April 2023

The audition will consist of the following elements:
– a contemporary class,
– a ballet class,
– learning excerpts from the BJG repertoire
– improvisation

Stage 3

A few days after the studio audition, selected candidates will be contacted for an interview by ZOOM between 8 and 10 May.


Candidates will be sent the result by email the week of the 15th May. Successful candidates will then receive an admission form to the Ecole de Danse de Genève as well as a contract for the Ballet Junior de Genève.