Student Life - Dance performer course (FAQ)

Covid-19 and health situation

Due to the current health situation and its consequences (traveling difficulties, group limitations…) the audition may have to take place by video again this year. If this were the case, pre-selected candidates will receive a link to repertoire excerpts for them to learn and film. Interviews will take place via zoom.


What are the selection criteria for the course?

We are looking for young dancers with a strong technical base in either contemporary or ballet, a good body awareness, physical potential, clarity of movement, an open mind, a desire to confont yourself to the work of a broad range of artists as well as a capacity to observe. Every year we choose candidates from many different backgrounds.

What should be on the pre-selection video

- a contemporary dance solo
- maximum length 5 minutes
- the solo must be filmed from a single viewpoint, in one sequence (no editing)
- you must be clearly visible (no other dancers on the video)

Will I receive a salary for participating in the Ballet Junior de Genève?

This is an important point: the BJG is not a professional company. The dancers are all students of the Ecole de Danse de Genève and do not receive a salary.

What are the course fees?
The annual course fees are 5'500 with a CHF 50 registration fee. Possibility of monthly payments.

Do I have to enroll for three years?
No, during the audition, it will be decided whether a dancer is to be admitted into the first, second or third year depending on their age, training level, experience and available places.

Are there any course scholarships?
Exceptionally, under certain circumstances and by written application, a reduction of the course fees can be awarded by the directors. Your application for an arrangement will only be considered when you have provided administration with written proof that all other financial aid attempts by the student in his/her own country have been turned down.
For these requests a full application process will need to be sent to the office of Ecole de Danse de Genève. Even if you are not certain of being accepted to the course, we recommend you begin your funding search in your own country as in most cases replies will only be given after the audition dates of BJG.

Can the school provide accomodation?
The Ecole de Danse de Genève does not provide boarding. Each student is responsible for finding a room or apartment. Our administration can help with your search and put you into contact with other students for possible flat sharing.

What does accomodation cost locally?
Prices vary, but you should allow a minimum of 800 CHF per month (or €600 in neighbouring France)

Will I be allowed time off to audition for a first contract?
Auditions are not allowed during the first year. They are permitted from the second year onwards except during the two weeks prior to performances.