Alice Baccile

Baccile web 15-16Interview by Caroline Bertoldo: Sean Wood was interested to find out what she had been doing since leaving the company and asked me to investigate. My only knowledge of her, before I made contact on Skype, was that her Facebook page featured pictures of dancers.
My first surprise was to be greeted on Skype with a contact photo in the form of a hologram surrounded by the words "Merkabah, unconditional love". For one initially afraid of revealing certain facets of myself, I straightway learn that Alice has no such fear of revealing her innermost feelings. In answer to my comment on the picture she replies, "It is my aim."

Alice Baccile is 30 years old and danced with BJG from 2008-2010.

What did you do after leaving BJG?

I went for three auditions, and after the second was invited to join the Munich Gartnerplatz Theatre. Sadly what I was led to expect at the audition did not work out in reality. However since this was my first contract I took it to find that I had not been informed that musicals were in the repertoire! This was a bit of a shock.
The theatre turned out to be something of a machine, churning out shows, with no real demand for creativity or artistry. Nevertheless there were a number of interesting guest artists, who assuaged my dissatisfaction a little. One of these was Gustavo Ramirez, whom I had known from BJG days

How long did you stay in Munich?

For two years. Then the director, who had appointed me, left and his replacement asked me if I would stay. After discussion I turned down a new contract.
Further auditions were unsatisfactory so I freelanced between 2012-2014, working in England, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

How did you find work and where did you live?

Through word of mouth; choreographers approached me.
I made Munich my base and also worked there in a club, which I enjoyed. It programmed opera and shows in the style of Cirque du Soleil.

What did you do after that?

I joined the Blelefeld Stadttheater. I was immediately taken by the director's creativity and artistic vision. However, after one year he left for Braunschweig, so I followed him there.

What did these years teach you?

I learned a lot about myself. For example, when I joined BJG, I was very tense, too rigid and disregarding of myself as a person. My time in Munich brought me to my senses and made me consider what I was really looking for. I concluded that life is not just dance; the dancer has feelings and personality.
Then what I learned as a freelance at Braunschweig and the club is the importance of finding yourself and projecting that personality. Accept that you make mistakes and do not always judge yourself against others. I have never been comfortable with competitive comparisons

What do you aim for?

To achieve complete self knowledge. I have not yet achieved that; it is a life-long process. The important thing is to develop towards that end. I am only just beginning.
I examine myself to learn more about who I am. We all have contradictions and must accept that.

What do you like?

I love and respect nature and those people who show respect for nature, themselves and each other. I do not like the bells in the morning at Blelefeld! (She laughs).
Contact with my family and other people also means a lot to me. My dream is to share a big house with all the people I love; a sort of commune.

Do you have other interests?

Learning about Consciousness and self knowledge. I read and study a lot of books on personal development.
What will you do after you stop dancing?
I am visiting Thailand in the summer to help me prepare for my Yoga Teacher Diploma.

And after that?

I plan to return to Munich since there are plans to open a yoga centre at the club and the person designing the centre has asked me to manage it. I need a place in which to sleep, enjoy good food and teach yoga. This could be in either Munich or Berlin.
In addition I have thoughts of studying naturopathy and/or nutrition at university.

What advice can you give to the dancers at BJG?

Everything depends on you yourself. Find out what you want and, if you are really sure and passionate about it, it will will come to you. You need to look within yourself to discover what you really want to achieve. If you find that dancing is your life, I have shown you that there are plenty of opportunities for finding work. But you need to seek what suits your particular style and personality. If you have a gypsy temperament you can go freelance. If it is security you need you should join a company.
It is important to stay involved, to network, Auditions are an excellent means of getting to know people; not only to get a job, but to make connections, explore new things, meet new challenges. You learn a lot about yourself this way, as I found out. This helps you mature as an artist and a person, by being made to face different situations and environments and visit different places.

Would you like to add anything else?

In the summer of 2011 I visited India to learn a healing method, called "Deekska". It was thought provoking and profound.
BJG was like a family to me and I am delighted to have been asked to do this interview. It gives me the opportunity of saying how very grateful I am to Sean and Patrice for the incredible work they did of me and still continue to do every day.
Finally I would like to say to the dancers at BJG: Never think you are too old for anything!