Ballet Junior Genève Course

Dance performer course

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For the last 40 years now, the Ecole de Danse de Genève has been training dancers capable of joining some of the world's best companies (see list of companies that have enrolled dancers from the professional course).

The dance-performer course aims to develop in a young dancer, his/her own artistic identity. Contact with working choreographers is made possible through every student's participation in the school's company: Ballet Junior de Genève.

Admission to the course is by audition only.
The aims of the dance-performer course is to allow each student to improve their own talents and potential. The work both on a technical and interpretative level will allow them to be responsive to the ever-growing demands they will encounter within the profession.


This is a 2 year course with an optional 3rd year by invitation.


To train dance performers capable of joining professional dance companies or projects, or continue studies in higher education contemporary dance university-level courses. A certificate is obtained at the end of the 2nd year.


The course is articulated around classical and contemporary dance techniques. At the heart of the training is work on repertoire or creating contemporary and neo-classical works within the activities of the school company: Ballet Junior de Genève. All students from the course are part of BJG.


Ballet technique classes
Contemporary technique classes
Contemporary dance workshops
BJG repertoire
 - minimum of 3 works presented on stage (with 1 creation)
 - workshops of repertoire excerpts
Theoretical classes
 - Preparation for professional life
 - Dance culture (exchanges around and analysis of dance works)
Introduction to teaching dance to small children (7-10 yo) (optional)


Ballet technique classes
Contemporary technique classes
Contemporary dance workshops
BJG repertoire*
 - 5 to 6 works presented on stage in Geneva (with 1 creation)
 - mixed bill programme for touring (Switzerland and abroad)
Theoretical classes
 - Elaboration and nuturing of personal career plan
 - Dance culture (exchanges around and analysis of dance works)


Structured as the second year
personal projects are encouraged

*the amount of stage work is greater in the second year.


The qualities developped throughout the course are the following:

speed and efficiency of choreographic learning
stylistic versatility
creativity in interpretation
team spirit
curiosity for the arts
rigor and regularity in daily work
a personal and commited outlook
physical and mental endurance



Two interviews during the year where reports from each faculty member and the directors are presented to the student. It is a moment where the dance student can evaluate his/her place in their training and development. This exchange also allows the directors to assess the objectives of the student and to review their progress.
Passing into the second year is decided by the directors, taking into account the continual assessment of the teachers.


There is a first interview at the beginning of the year to prepare the student for his/her entrance into a professional environment.
Two personal interviews are held giving an assessment of the dance student's progress within the course.
A third year can be requested by the student or suggested by the directors. The criteria for admission into a third year are very much based on the individual as well as the student's previous background, age, development within the course, level, motivation in continuing to follow an intensive training course.


There is a first interview in the beginning of the year to establish clear working guide-lines and objectives.
An individual session to refine the student's career plan.
A final assessment interview in the third term with a complete faculty report and discussion around finding work and artistic opportunities.