Adult courses

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Several styles of dance are available to adult amateurs and professionals alike.
Ballet, contemporary, jazz, floor-barre, afro or stretch class, come and try out the different classes in our fantastic studios.

A system of pre-paid class cards allow you greater flexibility to attend classes. We understand busy life schedules and think this is a more comfortable way.

You are welcome to try a class out before commiting to any more. The class will be charged 30.-frs. You may try out as many styles as you wish.

If you wish to attend regular classes you will need to subscribe to the school with a year member card costing 30.-frs. This card will allow you to purchase pre-paid cards of 10 or 20 classes that are valid for 3 months. An extention of this period is possible at the discretion of the directors if you warn us of a prolonged inevitable absence or other critical cases. The pre-paid cards are not transferable or reimbursable. They cannot be carried onto the next season.
A single pre-paid card opens access to all adult classes.

Pre-paid cards of 10 or 20 classes
10 classes 260.-Frs
20 classes 470.-Frs
10 classes 210.-Frs
20 classes 370.-Frs
Single class 30.- frs

DIPgeneve100pxThe Ecole de Danse de Genève is accredited by the Département de l’instruction publique, de la formation et de la jeunesse Service écoles et sport, art, citoyenneté and recieves funding from the République and canton de Genève. 
It is a member of  CEGM and certified Artistiqua .

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